"Riveting" —Jill Lepore, The New Yorker

New York Times: ONE OF "100 NOTABLE BOOKS OF 2020"

Neglected Voter by David Paul Kuhn

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“A brilliantly insightful analysis of American politics at the national level.”—General Wesley K. Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander

“A provocative wake-up call to American liberalism.”
—Jules Witcover, Legendary Washington political columnist

“If you follow politics, you already think you understand the "gender gap" — but you're wrong. You won't really comprehend its massive implications until you read this book. We know a lot about why women vote disproportionately Democratic, but until David Paul Kuhn undertook this sophisticated, absorbing study, no one had adequately explained why men vote disproportionately Republican. Using a masterful combination of first-person interviews, polling data, and personal insight, Kuhn shows why millions of white men in America broke their ties to the Democratic Party and made Republicans the majority party for two generations. But Democrats needn't despair, because Kuhn also shows them how they can win white men back.” —Larry Sabato,founder and director of the University of Virginia 's Center for Politics and author of A More Perfect Constitution

“Democrats will not get very far by blaming the voter. David Paul Kuhn, author of 'The Neglected Voter: White Men and the Democratic Dilemma' points out that moral issues cannot easily be separated from economic ones. Poor people fret more about family breakdown because they see more of it than rich people do and its consequences, for them, are worse.”—The Economist magazine

“Archilochus once said, 'The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.' David Paul Kuhn, a seasoned and compelling political writer, obviously knows many things... The Neglected Voter is a smooth, fast-moving tour through presidential election history since 1960, sprinkled with interesting voter statistics. It's entertaining, full of pithy quotes from winners and losers, hard to put down. I enjoyed it, and so would anyone interested in presidential politics.” —David C. Acheson, The Washington Times, November 11, 2007

“A very smart book.” —Tucker Carlson, conservative commentator

“Kuhn accurately links the Republican dominance of the past 40 years to the loss of the Haggard vote…[and] wisely suggests a ploy similar to John Kennedy's in 1960: Make the argument that we're weaker because of the Republicans.” —Joe Klein,
Time magazine